Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Home Science Idea: Fingerprint Lights

Any plan to spend your holiday with your kids this Diwali holiday? Here is an Idea that is suitable for all ages. 

Diwali being the festival of light. 
Little Scientists would like to celebrate this special day by integrate science in this festival of light.

Even if your kids are not from a background that celebrates Diwali there are still lots of kid's crafts and activities that you can do to increase their understanding about light. Especially light is such important things in our daily life. 

You can teach about:
2. The importance of light in our daily life
3. Things that give out light
4. Fingerprint 
5. Each of us has unique fingerprints

Materials need:
a. light template  click to download 
b. water colour & brush or colour stamp pad
c. wipes for finger in between colour
1. Print out the light template.
2. Paint their cute little thumb with water colour or colour stamp pad. 
3. Stamp their thumb print on the light template follow the wire and light bulb holder.

4. Let it dry and frame it up.

Source from Internet

This artwork will be a memorable piece for them in future. Here are the extended idea:
Fingerprint Idea, source from pinterest.com
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It gonna be a fun filled holiday for them with these science toys.

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