Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Science: Halloween Push Up Peeps!

Today I’m sharing with you an adorable Halloween treat that your kiddos will love! Best part is that these are SO easy.
Peeps, frosting, sprinkles, candy corn, whatever your little heart desires, you can layer it in the push pop containers and create sweet Halloween treats. Not only would these be fun to serve at a party, but how fun would it be to have a whole buffet of treats that kiddos (or adults) could use to build their own Halloween push pop treats? There is no right or wrong way to assemble them, keep it fun! You can even add cute little Halloween decorations to the top of them, Halloween rings to the bottom of them or some decorate the container with cute Halloween printables or stickers. The only limit is your imagination!
We really hope that you will enjoy it! Wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!


Safe Baby Tips

20 Best Websites Elementary Teacher Should Know

For teachers and parents who need a little inspiration and help with ideas! The internet is at your disposal, we are just leading you in the right way! :) some of this site are so interesting that it will inspire you to provide the best for you child!

Here are the URL for the website as mention in the graphic :)

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Halloween Science: Spooky Glow in the Dark Jars

We really hope this activity will excite all of you but it is important to know how glow in the dark material works:

Glow paints do not contain light in them. But they do have a pigment known as phosphor that makes them glow in the dark. Phosphor can accumulate light energy like  from the sun and when it's dark, it glows. When phosphor comes in contact with sun or any other form of light it absorbs the photons and later in the dark, the paint emits these photons. The photons thus released emit a phosphorescent glow. This process is known as photoluminescence.

One more day till Halloween and one more exciting activity! Happy Haunting!

Home Science Idea: Fingerprint Lights

Any plan to spend your holiday with your kids this Diwali holiday? Here is an Idea that is suitable for all ages. 

Diwali being the festival of light. 
Little Scientists would like to celebrate this special day by integrate science in this festival of light.

Even if your kids are not from a background that celebrates Diwali there are still lots of kid's crafts and activities that you can do to increase their understanding about light. Especially light is such important things in our daily life. 

You can teach about:
2. The importance of light in our daily life
3. Things that give out light
4. Fingerprint 
5. Each of us has unique fingerprints

Materials need:
a. light template  click to download 
b. water colour & brush or colour stamp pad
c. wipes for finger in between colour
1. Print out the light template.
2. Paint their cute little thumb with water colour or colour stamp pad. 
3. Stamp their thumb print on the light template follow the wire and light bulb holder.

4. Let it dry and frame it up.

Source from Internet

This artwork will be a memorable piece for them in future. Here are the extended idea:
Fingerprint Idea, source from
Get our DIY science experiment kits for your child this coming holiday. 
visit Little Scientists Online shop, 
It gonna be a fun filled holiday for them with these science toys.

We play, We Explore, We Learn! 
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Monday, 28 October 2013

Fun Riddles Q&A 1

Answer: Snail
Did you get it correct?
Test your friends by share this post now :)
We play, We Explore, We Learn! 
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Halloween Science: Erupting Pumpkin!

Sometimes the simplest Halloween activities for kids turn out to be the most fun! All you need for this activity is a carved pumpkin, some baking soda, and vinegar. Food colouring is optional but highly recommended as it adds to the fun Science!
Fill up the pumpkin with about 4-6 tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of food colouring.
Then pour the vinegar in until it foam and you will see the eruptions begin!
Easy isn't it? To some this may look a little gross, but it is a Halloween activity after all ;) Try to experiment with smaller pumpkins to see if you can get the eruptions to come out of the entire pumpkin face. Enjoy it!


Sunday, 27 October 2013

Halloween Science: Creepy Density Jar

We really hope that you will enjoy this series of Halloween science! We wanna wish you a very Happy Halloween! Make sure your kids do not overdose on all the sweets when they go trick-or-treating! 


Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Science: Static Electricity Dancing Ghost

It's Halloween month! We are challenging you to do science with your kids with a Halloween twist. Ever seen a dancing ghost before? Let's have fun making ghost out of the tissue paper and use static electricity to move the ghost around.

Here’s what you need:
  • balloon or a plastic spoon
  • tissue paper
  • markers
  • scissors
  • tape
  • woollen clothes
Cut out your Halloween Ghost shapes from the tissue paper. After cutting out the ghost, draw the eyes and mouth using marker pen.
Tape the bottom of your ghost to the table (If you don’t tape down your tissue paper, your Halloween Ghost will most likely just get stuck to the balloon/plastic spoon).
Rub the balloon or the plastic spoon on a woollen clothes to gather some extra electrons. Move the balloon over your Halloween Ghost. The tissue paper ghost will rise up. As you move the balloon/plastic spoon around, the tissue paper ghost will move as well.
Have fun with your dancing ghost! Stay tune for more Spooky Halloween Science!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Money tips that grow with your children

How do kids learn to manage money?
At school? By watching TV? From their friends? by their own mistakes? From watching their parents manage their money?

Most kids learn from a combination of all these. But as with every other aspect of education, with the right information and a little commitment, parents and teachers can make a big difference in preparing kids to conquer the many financial challenges they will face as adults.

We found these useful tips that you can use to teach your child about money concept since they are 5 years old.

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