Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Science: Halloween Push Up Peeps!

Today I’m sharing with you an adorable Halloween treat that your kiddos will love! Best part is that these are SO easy.
Peeps, frosting, sprinkles, candy corn, whatever your little heart desires, you can layer it in the push pop containers and create sweet Halloween treats. Not only would these be fun to serve at a party, but how fun would it be to have a whole buffet of treats that kiddos (or adults) could use to build their own Halloween push pop treats? There is no right or wrong way to assemble them, keep it fun! You can even add cute little Halloween decorations to the top of them, Halloween rings to the bottom of them or some decorate the container with cute Halloween printables or stickers. The only limit is your imagination!
We really hope that you will enjoy it! Wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!


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