Sunday, 19 April 2015

We're Back!

After almost a year of being on a hiatus here on our blog, we are back! 

Let's start with something simple and fun!

I'm sure you can find some vegetables and food colouring  at home and I am sure that you will have water and some cups.

Colour the water with your desired food colouring and put in a leaf of could be a stalk of celery or a leaf of cabbage like the photo below.

How plants absorb water science experiment!  I've done celery, but this is better!  Daises are nice too.

Wait for at least 8 hours and see the change in colours! This will allow children to understand how plants transport water. With this demonstration, the children can see the colours move up the leaves and how the plant absorbs the water. If you have older children, you can definitely expand this experiment by putting the cups of water in different conditions, such as under the sun, in the fridge, in the dark?

You can read more about this experiment here!

This is such a fun colourful experiment yet so simple! Give it a try and do tag us on Facebook or Instagram with #thelittlescientists #alfaandfriends

We really hope you do give it a try!

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