Monday, 30 September 2013

Scared? Don't be! We are here to help.....

Loads of parents and teachers have a fear of teaching science to toddlers and pre-schoolers because of the fear that it is too difficult. However, it is easy when you are able to relate to to things that is surrounds them.  Here are some ideas as to how you can do it! 

Relate it to daily life
Simple things like cooking, playing are somehow related to science. For example, when we bake a cake we turn a liquid batter in to a solid cake.  Or even when an ice melts into liquid and how we boil it it will turn into a steam. 

Things that can be seen and not too abstract are the best for them to grasp certain concepts. There are resources that you can find online that can help you with this.  We have posted a few fun and exciting things  that you can do with your child at home that is easily done at home or in the classroom.

Have toys that are science related
There are many toys available out there that are science related nowadays and you know kids love to play. So why not let them learn while they play??  However, loads of DIY science kits out there may not be as suitable for younger kids but if parents or teachers can do it together, it is really a very effective way to get kids to explore. We, here at Little Scientists also have a online shop where you can browse for fun science toys for your kids or for Christmas/ Birthday gifts.

Visit science centres and factories
Science centres are places where kids can learn about many things, from the galaxy to bugs, from cars to music. You might even find something that really interest your child so that you can tap on it at home or at the classroom. It is definitely easier for them to "get the idea" when they are interested in something.

Visiting places like factories this is always fun and educational. Exploring how things are made and work always triggers the curiousity of young children. They may not get it at first but sure would like to explore more. Schools trips to chocolate factory, ice-cream factory is definitely a winner because the children know that they would be given some treats at the end!

Have science experiments at home
Easy science experiments that are age appropriate are now everywhere on the internet and usually uses things that can be found at home or can be bought cheaply. Resources online are endless, from video tutorials or printable instructions can definitely ease your worries. Little Scientists also has some simple experiment videos online at our Youtube channel. Do feel free to experiment with them and we will be very happy to see your exploration with your child. Put it up on Facebook and tag us!

These are just a few ideas for helping you overcome your fears of teaching science to the little ones. We do hope these tips are helpful and we would love for you to share your experiences.  Have fun and enjoy, and remember, a little mess won't kill! :)

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