Sunday, 29 September 2013

Kids Wonderland Holiday Science Camp

Dream of bringing your children to theme park this year end school holiday? We can make your dream come true. Get our latest science camp now and bring your children to a theme park that's just at the comfort of your school! 

Our KIDS WONDERLAND science camp is packed with fun-filled science adventures for your children to explore. We have 9 awesome activities that will amaze your children and the teachers too! 

From a magical sand that doesn't get wet to the cutest scampering bunny ever, KIDS WONDERLAND science camp will make your school holiday an unforgotten one!

Watch our trailer for a preview of the exciting activities:

For Kindy, who are interested to run Kids Wonderland holiday science camp during this coming year end holiday,  please do not hesitate to contact uspm us in Facebook or Call/sms "YES" to 010-366 0160 for more information.

For Parents
, if you are interested, you may ask your children's kindy to get the camp from us. You may also bring your children to the nearest kindy that will be having this camp.

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