Monday, 1 July 2013

Get Organized!

Teachers sometimes run out of ideas in ways to make teaching fun and exciting, even more so in organization in the classrooms. There are many websites out there that helps teachers with organization, whether in class or with teaching itself. Looking at some of the tips and tricks shown below makes me want to try them out even though I am not a teacher!
Teach Bake Love: Pencil Problems-Teaching Tip Linky Party
1. Get 2 empty bottles and label them as shown above. This will definitely help you when it comes to sorting out a bunch of pencils in the basket of all your colouring pencils! Let your children know once their pencils are blunt, put them in the bottle that is labelled "not sharpened" so that you will know that you'll need to sharpen it after class! At the same time, they get to learn opposites! :)

2. Have small boxes to organize your materials according to the days. It will definitely help you make sure the things your will need for that day are prepared and that you do not miss out anything! You can even do this for your children by swapping it with their workbooks needed for that day! Definitely a time-saver!!

Glue sponge

3. Tired of glue mess? Pour some glue over a sponge in an air tight container and this will minimize mess as the child will dab whatever he/she wants on the sponge and catastrophe will be avoided! Close the lid tight when you are done and you can use it the next round without the glue drying out! Saves a ton of glue too!

Simple tips and tricks like the ones above are only some of the many many ways your can organize your class for a better learning environment! Having a clean and organized area for the children to work with will definitely help make learning all the more exciting and fun! Do you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share? 

I do hope that these are helpful in making teaching fun and less stressful for everyone!


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