Thursday, 4 July 2013

Activities you can do at home with the kids that make science ANYTHING but boring! - Magnet Fishing Game

Are your kids bored out of their minds at home every weekend? There are lots of fun science experiment you can do at home with your kids. Here is one example of science activity that you could try it out with your kids over this coming weekend - Magnet Fishing Game! This is really simple and it's fun for kids of all different ages!

Here is what you need for this Magnet Fishing Game.

To make the fishes:

  • Few pieces of plastic sheets
  • Paper Clips

To made the fishing rod:
  • A stick
  • A piece of string
  • A magnet Ring

Lastly a large bucket or paddle pool filled with water for the pond and your kids can ready for some fishing game!

You could also try a larger pond by using a bathtub! Fill up your bathtub a quarter full, add those fishes to the water. Place a towel on the floor along with a plastic bowl to place the "fish" in that he catch.

If you do not wish to play with water, you could create another set of "fish" using just coloured paper and paper clips to play with on dry land.

To make the whole fishing game more fun and tricky, you could add in "fish" without paper clips. This will be a great way for your kids to learn that some of the things are magnetic and some are not.

You don't have to go to a museum to get playful with science. Simple science activity like this will definitely keep your child busy for few hours. Science is everywhere once you start looking for opportunities to use it.


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